Primarily I draw and capture environments depicting elements of real and terra incognita. Geology, exploration, line, mass, edges, depths and light are some of the things that I'm exploring. My drawings are somewhat surreal and can be unsettling at times, a fear that humans have encountered since the first days of wandering into the unknown. The igniting of inspiration comes from travel, word and imagery which surrounds me.       


After working overseas, and building a successful award-winning accredited photography career of almost twenty years. I have taken the step back to transfer my interests observing the environments that we are and are not surrounded by. After a lifelong passion for drawing experimenting with many types of mediums, I now generally use graphite, charcoal, ink and occasionally paint.      

Trekking allows me to collect images and memories from the places that I explore. I find walking has a real connection to the land like a meditation. There is no other way to get closer to the surroundings and to become part of it. I visit many locations throughout the year seeking out weather, light, shadow, line and texture. Also its an amazing activity for health and well-being.         

Photography has a solid place within my work, not only for reference material but for creating another arm of the art. After years of using DSLs, I have taken the step of using smaller compact systems such as the Richol GR3x. These high end compact cameras are a real match producing stunning results. With minimal post work and "get it right at point of capture"  I seek out atmospheric subject matter.  

Drawings are represented on different types of paper at selected sizes. Working at speed I establish the foundation at first then building layers of information such as detail. Papers can range from pure white to off white with a range of surface types producing different looks. 

The sketchbooks are a fundamental part of my drawings. They allow me to find, establish, document and execute mark making in most situations. In many ways they are probably the most important element to my journey. I come back to the same drawings time and time again, reworking the graphite leaving the oddities within.      

As well as graphite drawings I have a well established portfolio of oil, ink, gouache, watercolour and mix media pieces. I do find though graphite is a very powerful tool allowing an unlimited amount of tonal control on the surface. Its such a mobile medium to take up any misty mountain or into murky bogland.    

From my interest of exploration, the outdoors, music, photography and film. Inspiration is pretty much endless, the drawings have a deeper meaning than just marks on paper. They consist of a mixture of real and unreal places visited or found in the dark corners of the imagination.   

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