If you sit on top of a mountain long enough and open your eyes a little wider than you do whilst in the towns and cities, you will start to notice things; The blue edges of mountain summits stacked one behind the other, the wispy mists that hang and curly around crops of ancient rocks. Eddies of still water that sit quiet between gullies of breaking waves and how long shadows are created from the smallest of land debris.

Wandering around these remote and isolated landscapes in all weathers forms a strong bond, a connection between the creative mind and wonders of nature. These connections can turn real views into visions that are more imaginative; something surreal with dark mysterious objects and shapes, a sense and a strong belief that other worlds exist within our own. 

This is the foundation for my art and the inspiration for my illustrations, paintings and drawings; I am not one for sunny meadows or old hedgerows that harbour crooked yew trees, but hints of mighty cliffs through cutting rain, the silent misty tops of fells and lonely places that we can only really get a sense of. In these mysterious terrains I capture a sense of realism and abstraction that entices me to sketch and imprints on my mind ready for when I am back in my studio.

Open your mind and be inspired!

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