It’s a thought at first…

If you allow your mind the space and freedom to wander; it will take you to unknown, mysterious places filled with wondrous objects and strange beings.

The inspiration for my illustrations comes from many years wandering alone within remote and isolated landscapes.  These barren spaces enable the creative mind to connect with the imagination. These connections can turn real views into visions that are far reaching, more imaginative; something surreal with dark mysterious objects and shapes, a sense and a strong belief that other worlds exist within our own.

My pieces come from a spark, ignited by my surroundings, a book being read, a thought or from the deep recesses of my mind. 

My illustrations are both free form and commission based. They can be used to bring a graphic novel or story board to life,  give an enticing visual to a book jacket or enhance a blog or social media group. 

Open your mind and free your imagination.

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